• Disposable Sterile Medical Gauze Pads 

    Disposable Sterile Medical Gauze Pads 

    1.Size: 5cm * 5cm 7.5cm * 7.5cm 10cm*10cm and so on.

    2.color: white

    3.Weight: 60 square Weight

    4.[Features] can be directly connected to sticking to the wound surface, has not bonded with the wound, the strong aspiration ability, no skin irritation, etc., can fully protect the wound, the wound to reduce the chance of contamination.

    5.[Use] debridement and wound dressing after disinfection vampire protection, can also be used to clean wounds.

    6.[Use] the FDA before dressing the wound should be cleaned and disinfected prior to the wound. Torn packaging, remove the vampire pad, one side will be placed on the surface of the wound, then bandage fixed with a bandage or tape; such as wound sustained bleeding, bandages and other available compression bandage to stop bleeding.